Crypto Currency Misleading


I joined revolut thinking it was a leader in dealing with crypto-currency and upgraded to premium by paying yearly for this reason, only to find out that its some watered down appeasement where you CANNOT pay into your bitcoin wallet from another bitcoin wallet or even spend your bitcoins externally ??

Whats the whole point in it at all if it has to remain ONLY within the revolut community ??

If I had known this in the beginning I WOULD NOT have gone premium, much less even joined.



You can cancel your premium within the first 14 days if you’re not happy, simply contact the support in the app (ask for a live agent).
Regarding the crypto-currencies, you should have read the T&C in detail and the FAQ.

The whole point of it all is to be able to invest in crypto-currencies without having to deal with all the technical problems. Also, you can hold your money in crypto, and pay with your card, which is pretty cool :slight_smile:


Well, its always a good idea to check out a product before buying it. Have you considered the reasons why all other crypto debit cards recently were shut down? Embedding crypto in a highly regulated environment is not as easy as you might think it is. You can find all details about the offer and its limitations in the FAQs and in several posts on Revolut’s official blog.