crypto available??

I thought cryptocurrency is avilable for everyone now (not just premium members) but when I tab the crypto icon, I only get 2 options: upgrade or invite 3 friends. Yet it says it’s “unlocked”

So is it available for everyone yet?

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No answer in seven days? Please … @anon33247966 ;o))

Hi there. I can see this feature active, however, you are using a really old version of the app, 4.13.1!


I have 2 phones, one is android and the other is an iphone running iOS11, and I am seeing the same thing.

Can you update your app on both devices?


I’ve updated my app to the latest version and even reinstalled it, I’ve also selected the More > Cryptocurrencies tab many times (almost every day) for months and crypto still unavailable :slightly_frowning_face:.

Is there any way to unlock it ?


Hi there. I have waiting some time and already top-up my account for a 200€, but still not get the crypto available. Can you please open it for me? I will be so happy.