Crowdfunding - Tax declaration


I would love to invest in Revolut via Crowdfunding and Seedrs.

Unfortunately, I can not find any information from Seedrs to the tax clearance outside the UK.
I am in Germany and I have to tax the profit from the investment (dividends or profit from the sale of the stock).

Does anyone have information, perhaps from the staff of Revolut?


as you say so you have to tax the profit…you should be a little more patient for that :joy:


I know I have to wait. :wink:

I just want to know in advance, how one is taxing something and whether there are the necessary certificates. Only with the right documents can you register and tax everything properly.


Has no one somehow which information?
Creates Seedrs tax certificates, which can be used for income tax return?

I realize that there are now no dividends or something similar will give but for the future is something very important.

@AndreasK Has the team Revolut any information?