Croatian motorway tolls


I want to ask if you have any experience in paying tolls on Croatian highways using a revolut card. Whether everything works as it should.


They accept Master/Visa so it should work fine.

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They accept Revolut cards without any problem. (at least for last two years :slight_smile: )

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Thx guys.

If you have problems, try enabling mag stripe. At least in France they had old systems in place which just used mag stripe and did not even ask for a pin. No NFC, no chip&pin. Don’t know if this has improved, it’s now two years since my last usage that way.
Italy was similar last year as well.

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It works normally, tried with both Revolut Visa & Mastercard.

I successfully used my Revolut Visa card for the Croatian toll 2 weeks ago.

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Hi everyone! I plan to travel to Croatia. Is good to know Revolut works for the tolls. May someone tell me if it works paying in the shops/hotels/online without any tax more than the revolut interbank tax?
Also may I charge the kunas in an ATM so that revolut convert them in euros on the card without any tax?

Check this thread for up to date info on ATM charges.
I know that ZABA doesn’t charge for cash withdrawal on ATM.

A tax is a charge levied by the state. There is no tax on Revolut’s interbank rate or on any other form of FX for that matter, and Revolut doesn’t charge anything on top of its interbank rate except for UAH and THB and at weekends. As you refer to an “interbank tax”, perhaps you are confusing English tax with French taux (de change). English tax = French impôt.

Always buy HRK in Revolut on a weekday at a rate of your choice before spending on the card or withdrawing cash.

Article 62(4) of Directive (EU) 2015/2366 prohibits merchants in the EU and wider EEA from charging you a fee to accept card payments.