Croatian Kuna

I will be travelling in Croatia next week.

I tried to add Kuna to my list of accounts so I can avoid the ’ weekend fx fee ’ but can’t see it on the list. Is it not possible to do this ?

And, having had this problem, can someone confirm that at the least I can use the Revolut card in Croatia and get a decent exchange rate during the week.


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Kuna, as you have noticed already, isn´t supported yet as a currency you can keep a balance in.

There should be no problem using your card in Croatia though, revolut states some 120 currencies i think.

Make sure to never accept the ATM, I lost a lot of money in Dubrovnik withdrawing money that way. I wasn’t a Revolut user.

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I was there a year ago. I was paying for everything (including toll booths and gas stations) using my Revolut card without any single problem.

You have to remember about DCC especially in ATMs

Thanks for the replies folks.

Goldstone, can I ask how you got on with your Revolut in Croatia please? I’m travelling there on holiday soon. Thanks

I was very impressed with the Revolut card…it performed as advertised, pretty flawlessly.
I received the correct exchange rate on all the card transactions. On the weekend it was higher, as expected, but still much better than any alternative.
I used the card to get cash from ATMs and again received the correct exchange rate. Of course, it became a higher exchange rate after I had taken the max ( which, if I recall is 2 or 300 euros equivalent ). I was careful only to use ATMs at branches of bigger banks and avoided hole in the walls not associated with a bank.

So, very positive experience.

CS119, I just got back from Zagreb. No issues with the card but during the weekend I switched to using my TransferWise debit card to avoid the weekend surcharge.

Summary - it’s fine to use Monday-Friday but for the weekend you want to have a better option (even withdrawing cash in advance if necessary).

Thank you for that. Did you use in restaurant/shops as well with no problem?

Yes, used it just like any credit/debit card. No issues in any shop, bar, or restaurant.

Thanks all :grinning: I’ll give it a go. Seems like great idea!