Credits to account not reflective of budget

We use to be able to tap a category in analytics, and choose inbound payments to Link to a transaction to balance budgeting:

Spend £40 on meal, other half sends me £20, link their inbound credit (from an external bank) which would show I spent £20 in analytics not £40.

This no longer works and no longer allows me to assign inbound payments to transactions however I try.

It would be great if this could come back.

Same goes for just changing category on an inbound payment instead of having to link it.

£40 spent on groceries.

Other half sends me £20 for groceries, initially categorised as top ups/transfers. I’d like to just change this to Groceries and it automatically reflects in the analytics I only spend £20.

It would make my revolut life so much better with these two improvements

(Alongside a banking licence and smaller transaction entries on Home Screen :eyes:)


The above doesn’t include revolut bill splits by sms link - those allocate fine but other half refuses to do it as it’s time consuming, and won’t join revolut until it’s a bank in the UK.


@Carl_1460 Hello :wave:

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback and suggestions. We’ll definitely consider these improvements to enhance your Revolut experience. Your insights are truly appreciated! :star:

Veda | Community Team

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It’s a service that was taken away, not something I’d like, I just want it possible again.

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