Credit transfer to South Africa

Is it possible to do credit transfer to south africa ?
The account number is not an IBAN

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Thank you but the beneficiary has given me the BIC, The BranchCode and the number account. It’s not good to to do a credit transfer by Revolut. Error message : Incorrect IBAN

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SA banks don’t participate in the IBAN system so the OP’s question remains. I am interested in a comprehensive answer as I will soon be sending money there.

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The app does not ask for an IBAN, just account no, right? So the problem might be, that it needs to be in a specific format/style to be accepted by the app. The BIC can already have a branch code included. The three last digits of a BIC are for the branch.

Have you tried to search this forum to get in contact with users that managed to transfer money to South Africa?

In case anyone has any ideas here is an example to show the problem.

ABSA bank bic = ABSAZAJJXXX - the Joburg office.
Additionally there will be a 6 digit branch number and an eleven digit account number.

How to enter that in an IBAN format acceptable to the app?

I have the same problem than pengarven. I think that it’s not possible to do a credit transfer without Iban on the app Revolut.
So i don’t understand why it’s possible to select rand currency. I will try ton contact the team by chat

Hey guys, if you search for South Africa transfer you can find other threads from users discussing questions related to transfers. They were able to do a transfer. Have you tried to get in contact with them?

No answer for my problem in other threads and impossible to contact the team by chat :-1:

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I meant to actively get in contact with other users that were able to send transfers to South Africa. :smiley:

Hi. I have just spotted this. I have same issue now trying to send money to SA with the bank details that have been provided to me. Did you ever solve your issue? If so, how. Thanks. Liam