credit of salary

if I wanted to credit my salary, what should I do?

What do you mean by credit? Do you want to receive it from your employer?

Just give your employer an account number. I think it can be a good idea if your salary is payed in EUR or GBP. The second- only if your employer is from UK. Use local (not pooled) account number.

Yes.if this is possible, what iban codes should I give?Excuse me, but i don’t know everything yet.

Hey Levellino

On the “Accounts” tab click the icon in the top left corner, then you will see a list of accounts. Find the one suitable for you and then click it. There are two tabs. Local and Swift. For EUR and GBP you get a personal iban. I would recommend using this.

I presume you are talking about Euro, right? In that case you should open a local EUR account. After having done that you will have your own British EUR IBAN in your own name which you can then give your employer. For him it would be a regular SEPA transfer.

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