Credit not available suite a transfer


I am new revolut user.
I made a bank transfer of 20 euros to my account revolut. Since 2 days, it appears under “Top-up via transfer” but the credit is always at 0 euros.
When I click on “Top-up via transfer” it is noted “awaiting transfer”
See attached file. Is this normal? Do we have to wait?



Hello @Sequane,

Can we get in touch via a direct message please, so we can take a look at what’s going on?

I’ll send you a message here.


Andreas K.


thank you for your message but i have resolut my problem with someone in chat.
My identity wasn’t verify. I sent a copy of my identity card and 5 minutes later, all was ok.
Thank you

Have a good day



Hi, i’m having the same problem! Please help!


Of course! Let get in touch via direct message.


Hi, i’m having the same problem!

mesage awaiting tranfer!


Hello Team Revolut,
I have done a bank transfer on the 27th of April and I still do not have the amount on my revolut account.
Could you help me to solve this issue because the money have left my bank account.


Hi all,

please contact either The In-App support, @AndreasK via Pm or Revoluts Facebook support. Revolut Facebook



Yes but the app support do not answer…


Hi, i havethe same problem, i need help please


Hi @michelsacris,

I’ve reached out to you via direct message.