Credit cards - Visa

Do you issue a physical Visa card? It can be debit or credit or prepaid card as log it is Visa.
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Hey Madd

They issue MasterCard and Visa. However it is not guaranteed which you will get but it is most likely that the standard card will be Visa.

Many thanks for your answer. I work for an UK company that will need to give a Visa card to a Mongolian employee. Would you accept issuing a Visa card to a non uk-resident but linked to a uk business account? Or would I need to first ask for a company card and add the Mongolian employee as additional cardholder? I would also need to make sure she can withdraw money in Mongolia with the Visa car.
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For that you need to talk to the Business support. I don’t know if you can issue cards to employees outside EEA.


Thank you. Do you have a phone number I can call or an email address?

Not really, but that is why is mentioned Oleksii :slight_smile:

Great! Looking forward to hear from him.
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Hi, did you manage to look at my query? Could you please let me know if you need more information?
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@Madd For business account we currently offer only MasterCard cards. Cards are working worldwide, however, you will be able to issue them only for EEA residence.

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Thank you @Oleksii
And for personal use, would the EEA residence still apply or would Revolut be able to issue credit card outside Europe?

@Madd same rule applies for Personal accounts.

@Oleksii - I have a similar question but for the business Visa Card. Do you guys offer the Visa option now? I need to be able to withdraw funds from PayPal to my business account and PayPal only accepts Visa.

PayPal should accept both visa and MasterCard. You can try a virtual card though afaik they only issue Vista’s for virtual cards