Credit Card vs Debit Card


I noticed that some times Revolut card is not accepted because the status of Debit Card e.g. UBER is one example.

Beside UBER I also had the same issue during some online payments and it’s frustrating since we know that we have the amount but because it’s not a Credit Card it’s not accepted.

Is there any way to overpass this this ?
(the 3D secure already in the IDEAS would also help in some cases)


Here Uber works.

First it did not work same problem because it is not full debit but Debit Prepaid.

Maybe Revolut will start to change to full Debit, then everything would be the same as Creditcard.


Hey thx for your reply!
Dind’t know about the status of “Full Debit” vs “Debit Prepaid” for me the concept of “Debit” would mean having or not having Credit based in the amount disposable.

Well I hope this update happens as soon as possible.