credit card top up

Tried to do a trial top up with credit card. I saw a temp auth on my statement named “Revolutxxxx” xxxx being a 4 digit number. I believe I read somewhere that I am supposed to verify my card by inputting that 4-digit number but I cannot find it. In-app support froze again

You’re right, the code can be used to verify the card. But new card do not have to be verified right away. The app will ask you to do it at some point. When it’s due, you should be able to find the option in the cards section. (I did this a long time and many app versions ago, but this is where I remember it)

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If you click top up you can choose what card you want to use. To the left of each there is an icon. Clicking this gives you the option to verify your card :slight_smile:

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Can you give me a screenshot because I dont see it?


It should look like this when you expand the list of top up cards.

When I click the icon, I can only see “delete” and no other icon like “set up auto top up” etc

Then you need to wait a bit :slight_smile:

What do u mean “wait a bit”?

Like I wrote, new cards do not have to be verified right away. The app will give you a hint when its due. The more often you use the card for top ups, the sooner the app will ask for the verification, I assume. :wink:

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But I cannot use it for top-up. It says “top up reverted, ur cc isn’t charged”

So then I log onto my cc and saw a temp auth there with “Revolutxxxx

Well, then you need to find out why the top up didn’t work. If in app notifications aren’t meaningful, you could ask support. They might be able to give you the reason for why it didn’t work. Does your card need 3DS? Sometimes, this causes problems for some banks / cards.

I talked to support, one told me that it’s because my card isn’t 3ds so I need to call my bank and activate it. So I did, then support says that 3ds isn’t supported that’s y top up failed