credit card top-up was recognised as a cash advance.

My first top-up made we EEA issued credit (Mastercard) was charged by my bank because it was identified as a cash advance. I paid 4,37€ for a 10€ top-up and when you claim this: “Please note, credit card top-ups will be recognised as a normal card transaction, not a cash advance.”

I contacted my bank (CGD Portugal) and was informed that this is your fault. I want to know how to solve the problem as this renders Revolut useless for me.

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If your bank charges you for a cash advance there is nothing :r: can do about it. My bank charges 1.5% for topping up pre-paid cards with a credit card. Using a debit card should be free.

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That’s the key there.

The fee was imposed by your bank, not :r:.

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise as your bank is effectively providing cash up front - unlike a credit card purchase where they obtain credit from the merchant.

Where did you see the quote mentioned in your original post?

I used Barclaycard (credit card) and got nothing charged at all :slight_smile:

Tough it’s UK :wink:

Hi there. Please note that this wasn’t a fee applied by Revolut. Topping up via debit or credit card in GBP, EUR, USD, PLN, DKK, SEK, NOK, RON, and CHF is completely free.

If you top up with a card that was not issued within the European Economic Area (a US-issued card for example) or with a commercial card, we may charge you a small fee to cover our costs.

Guys hello! I guess the question here is clean and clear. If we use our UK 0% for 26 months credit cards for example to top up Revolut, will we be killed by fees due to the recognition as cash advance? Or are we better off?

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I would ask your credit card company that question as it is they that will decide. I have read here once before that, on some cards, it will not be regarded as a cash advance but that seems counter intuitive to me.
Ask those who will (or not) br levying any charge and you should avoid nasty surprises.

It is a cash advance

This depends … I use Lloyds credit card with 0% for 33 months, and topping up is treated as a standard purchase. Who is the issuer of your card?

Referring to HSBC, TSB, Virgin Money and M&S Bank mate. :slight_smile:

No extra fee for topping up with HSBC credit card.

It’s Revolut that’s claiming the issuer bank will not recognise the transaction as a cash advance…

Revolut should either assume responsibility when cash advance fees are charged or remove that statement from their website as it’s clearly not true

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Cheers! Anybody about Virgin Money, TSB and M&S Bank?

Barclays UK credit card - treated as normal purchase-no fees :+1: :slight_smile:

Revolut doesn’t process their Top Up charges as cashback or ATM withdrawals but as regular purchases, that’s why they can make that statement in good faith.

If your personal credit card issuer does classify topping up services like Revolut or other prepaid cards as cash advance, than you need to look up their T&C if that’s indeed legal for your contract and handle the issue with them.
That’s a thing Revolut cannot change. But it’s indeed that case that some credit card issuers either don’t allow topping up prepaid cards, or add charges to those payments.


While I don’t dispute the technical validity of your argument, it seems the issue is widespread enough that Revolut cannot make that statement in good faith…

As a reasonable compromise, Revolut could use the wording Curve Card has on their website where they say more or less that while transactions using their card are classified as online transactions from London and most banks don’t charge fees for that, your bank might

In a similar way Revolut could state, in small print if they want that while they don’t classify the transaction as a cash advance, your bank might charge you fees nonetheless

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