Credit Card Fees


I have just read that their will be new laws coming into place (Jan 13th) that ban credit card fees in the UK. Will this affect the current 1% fee applied to credit card top ups?


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You’ll probably find this useful:


It’s a bittersweet irony that Revolut, a british FinTech (= based on a rock) is asking “in case you’ve been living under a rock” :wink:

Neither the less:

how are these changes affect us Revolut-Users, @AndreasK ?

Eg. the mandatory sry “total volontairy” access to all other accounts - will Revolut want access? If yes - when and for what, aso, will there be other changes for us Revolut-users or will they just be on the “merchant-side” ?


Thanks Andreas, interesting times for consumers and companies like Revolut.

Is their any information available as to how Revolut plan to react to no longer being able to charge the 1% for credit card top ups? I would be interested to know if these costs will be passed on to customers who use debit card top-ups to comply with the rules or removed entirely.