Creating an account from Brazil to Uk and Transferwise

hello. I’m going to spend 6 months in the UK by August and a friend told me about Revolut. Is it possible to get it before I arrive in the UK and if so, are Revolut account able to receive transferwise transactions?



Hey there! We currently only support accounts for users within the EEA, however we should be available worldwide in the future!

hello Larysa. thank you for you reply. another question: if I associate my account with a number from Italy, can I change it afterwards? I’m going to italy so I thought about starting to use revolut but later on I’ll be living in England, and would make another phone number there.


Yes you can update it with us! Whenever you need to change it you can reach out to us and we can do this for you.

Hi Felipe.
I see that you use revolut, can you please share with me your thoughts?
I need to transfer BRL to EUR at the best exchange rate, do you think Revolut is the best solution?


hey, sorry for taking so long. revolut isn’t for transfering, so in that case you’d need to use another media, like transferwise or western union… but you’d need to have an account in the EU already, if that’s the case. hope you’ve solved it by now!