Create withdrawal FAQs


There’s a gap in the FAQs section for cash withdrawals, which is my preferred means of spending when abroad.

On arrival at the ATM I was faced with an array of unexpected options - checking account / credit account / savings account / other account? - and it took several attempts to find the right one. After this there was the “with conversion / without conversion” option, which is obvious when you think about it, but the wording was also not helpful.

Travellers are often vulnerable when using ATMs abroad, so the quicker and less stressful the experience, the better. I realise that you can’t pre-empt the ATM screen journeys offered by every platform, but some upfront tips for what might be presented would be really helpful.


Usually, one should choose “credit” and “without conversion”.


Hi @Kazwoldo,

Thank you for your feedback, I’ll forward it to the relevant team.

You should always choose checking account or savings account and always “without conversion”


Andreas K.


A FAQ, updated from time to time, would be helpful particularly for new users. In my experience some ATM’s verge on fraudulent. They read your card and just offer their conversion and ask you to accept. Only if you reject is there a second screen offering local currency withdrawal (usually full of warning notices about how your bank is going to rip you off).


We have updated our FAQ, and we have now added “Overseas ATM withdrawals”

Thank you for helping us.


Andreas K.


Interesting, because in the thread below Andreas from the Revolut team is suggesting otherwise about the account type. This proves how confusing it is!

I’m not really looking for the answer here TBH. My point is that users need information in the FAQs so that they understand what to do - ideally before they travel and are trying to to get cash in an unfamiliar and possibly unsafe place.


Right, my fault. I messed it up with card terminals, that sometimes ask if it’s a credit or a debit card. There, “credit” would be the right choice even though the card is a debit card.