Create joint accounts!

Please please please make a proper joint account

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I was personally waiting for the joint account but now that they introduced the “group split bill” I don’t feel the need anymore :wink: it’s so simple: I have created a split group called Family and for all the common expenses we add things there. There is the “smart settle up” function so you don’t have to worry anymore.

+1 on this feature. Whether it’s shared accounts, or being able to get several cards for your partner under the same account to be able to share the balance, spending and budgets.

My wife and I want to have a common picture of our spending. One week I might do more grocery shopping than her, another week it might be the opposite… We want to keep track of our spending together. Budgeting, as it is today, is kinda pointless unless you’re on your own. There’s no point in setting up a budget for groceries if your significant other is also spending outside of Revolut.

Any news on whether this is something being looked at? I’d basicaly want a “Junior” card for my wife with no limits: shared transaction history, shared budgets, access for her… Same as with any Amex card, that you can order an extra card for someone else and it goes into the same statement.

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This is the most wanted feature by most of us.


My wife and I both have our salary paid into a joint account. All bills, groceries, household purchases are made from our joint account.

We each have a personal revolut account and transfer a small amount each month to spend as we wish on ourselves.

Until revolut can offer joint accounts I can’t see us using their services for anything more than we currently do.

I would be more happy to upgrade my account if you could offer joint accounts. Revolut’s UI is so far ahead of our current banking provider. It’s a shame we can’t take advantage of it.

did you try the “group bills” feature?? It works perfectly for me and my partner, we just created a group called Family and we add all the expenses there. Seriously give it a try

Thanks for the tip, but it doesn’t really fit into the way I think of a “shared account”.

With group bills you add a few specific transactions that are meant to be split (with your partner, flatmates…) and keep the rest to yourself.

In our case, we think of our economy as one. We look at our joint spending whether it’s me buying a por of Jordans or her going to the hairdresser.

I know some couples might only split the necessary, but we’d like all expenses from both of us to be aggregated automatically. That’s how we budget, together.

Having to select each transaction and add it to a group bill as if we were to “split the bill” isn’t how we think.

We split everything by default.


that’s why for the moment, while we wait for the join account feature, the group bill is fantastic. It’s different than the personal split bill section because in the split group tab you have the smart settle option that calculates automatically the positive and the negative balance. For instance, we just add everything in the family group and we proceed with a smart settle every end of the month. Give it a try :wink:

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This is a must, and Revolut is in a great position to be able to offer such accounts.

I’m still awaiting for my full registration documents for Sweden, but me and my husband want a joint account - which I can’t get with a Swedish bank without a personnummer - however I hope to have this soon.

So; please. Introduce joint accounts!! :pray:t3::pray:t3:

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Please make joint accounts possible.

i desperately need that. Monese has it! cmon…

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be careful what you ask for.
Basic accounts have a limit of €1000/month currency exchange but 2 personal accounts double that limit.
What makes you think that :r: will up that to 2k for a joint account?


Joint account should include two physical cards. If I have a private account as well I want to be able to access both accounts from the app.

My partner should only see the joint account.