Create joint accounts!

Can I ask who is false flagging me?

Much appreciated as I have only criticized an argument in the post that’s been flagged - thanks

+1 for joint accounts

Trying to contact someone with an issue for my revolut @AndreasK can you please contact me. Thanks

This is a must have feature, +1 please

This is probably the one thing that is lacking in Revolut that is preventing me going completely with them.

They said this feature was coming but didn’t give us any ETA.


Hey Revolut!

You keep pestering me about direct debits. All my direct debits come out of our joint account.

Give us a joint account with the same legal standing as my high street bank joint account and you get my direct debits!

Any update about this feature?

2 years have passed, any news on the joint account subject?


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I think you will have to wait a little bit more.

My partner and I need this feature to fully move over to Revolut. Shared vaults is nice but doesn’t solve this problem, we want to be able to set up direct debits, pay common costs from a single fund etc and the shared vaults doesn’t allow that.


Is there an official status from Revolut yet regarding joint accounts? Is it in the pipeline or very unlikely?
This would be necessary for me to fully move to Revolut with my partner, which I would love to do!

Best source for this is Twitter. If you check their responses to this there, they tell you that they are working on it, no ETA.

If you follow that, they are working on all features :rofl:

No. There are subtle differences. They are working on dark mode, joint accounts. They aren’t working on making crypto wallets accessible from outside. “Looking into it” or “that’s an interesting idea, we’re forwarding it to the relevant team” or “we’re always aiming to deliver a better product so watch this space for announcements” is different to this.

I would say


are more committed statements.

Having said this, roadmaps can of course change, and things can be deleted from them.

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Dear Andreas, I don´t how else to ask, so here: I should verify may permit to stay in Germany in addition to already sent documents. The app writes me I shall send the documents, but the camera is not working, nor I can find the channel where to send the docs to. Thank you, Jan.

I really hope that the joint account is coming soon :ok_hand:t2:

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When are joint accounts coming? This has been in the back burner for ever.

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@pearcerevolut ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Hello andreask, im having a problem. Can u contact me somehow? I dont k ow how to ise this forum … please, i need a little help