Create joint accounts!

You have to be a legal resident at time of signup to Monzo.

On top of that they’re trash, and this isn’t their forum :slight_smile:

Hi, joint account with a veritable crédit card ? YES for me👌

Only want to open a new account which can be joint so will wait until this happens.

Joint account would be great. One app, one personal + one joint account. Great for couples.

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+1 for this as well.

Preferably with our own log in so we can have our own personal account and then with an added joint account and card.

Hi @AndreasK
That is super exciting. Is it already on the roadmap and when is it planned to be live?

AHe said soon back in 2018. The introduction of Apple Pay in April 2017 was labelled „soon“ and took more than 2 years. Maybe Revolut meanwhile stopped to use the word soon, but it could mean that this takes a little longer. Maybe we see Security Transactions before Joint Accounts, at least that was mentioned in a rev presentation .

We could bet …

If there is a joint account dev team at :r: - there are some Joint Account fans impatiently waiting for your solution!! Deploy it!

Joint & family accounts are a MUST for Revolut’s growth.
I read somewhere this feature would be coming “this summer” so I guess that started on June 21st and runs until September 21st - let’s see if they follow that timeline :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I just paid today CHF 12.- p.a. for an additional shared account plus CHF 40.- p.a. for an additional Maestro card for that particular account. Further I had to sign three proxy documents (legal aspects of shared accounts)…

I get sick about the complexity, processes, speed and the pricing of Swiss Banks.

+1 for easy joint accounts by Revolut!

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it’s one of the features I miss most and prevents me from going 100% revolut.


Joint accounts are in the works, folks. We just need to be patient.


I’d love to see this feature, it would be motivation for the rest of my family to use Revolut.

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