Create joint accounts!

You have to be a legal resident at time of signup to Monzo.

On top of that they’re trash, and this isn’t their forum :slight_smile:

Hi, joint account with a veritable crédit card ? YES for me👌

Only want to open a new account which can be joint so will wait until this happens.

Joint account would be great. One app, one personal + one joint account. Great for couples.

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+1 for this as well.

Preferably with our own log in so we can have our own personal account and then with an added joint account and card.

Hi @AndreasK
That is super exciting. Is it already on the roadmap and when is it planned to be live?

AHe said soon back in 2018. The introduction of Apple Pay in April 2017 was labelled „soon“ and took more than 2 years. Maybe Revolut meanwhile stopped to use the word soon, but it could mean that this takes a little longer. Maybe we see Security Transactions before Joint Accounts, at least that was mentioned in a rev presentation .

We could bet …

If there is a joint account dev team at :r: - there are some Joint Account fans impatiently waiting for your solution!! Deploy it!

Joint & family accounts are a MUST for Revolut’s growth.
I read somewhere this feature would be coming “this summer” so I guess that started on June 21st and runs until September 21st - let’s see if they follow that timeline :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I just paid today CHF 12.- p.a. for an additional shared account plus CHF 40.- p.a. for an additional Maestro card for that particular account. Further I had to sign three proxy documents (legal aspects of shared accounts)…

I get sick about the complexity, processes, speed and the pricing of Swiss Banks.

+1 for easy joint accounts by Revolut!


it’s one of the features I miss most and prevents me from going 100% revolut.


Joint accounts are in the works, folks. We just need to be patient.


I’d love to see this feature, it would be motivation for the rest of my family to use Revolut.


Another vote here for joint accounts and child accounts! Wife is also using Revolut but with different card and account, it would be great one top up to rule them all (or not!).


Hi I’m also new & have my own account, but would like to setup a joint account for 6 of us to pay in for annual holiday & also have 3-4 cards to share. With the Currency account system is great :+1:.
When will this be available???

Unlikely as joint accounts aren’t normally for 6 people.

You can use a shared vault to save the money together from separate Revolut accounts though, then you can split the money between 6 of you!

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Not all revolut users are young millennials but also married grown-up adults. I do not think that a vault solves the issue of having a joint account with my wife as we would like to be able to link payroll and direct receipts for bills. Most standard banks offer joint accounts. It would be good to be able to be able to swap between the single and the joint account for the Revolut card.


I agree - I do however believe it solves (as best as it can) the 6 person joint account issue (that is really a non-issue, tbh)

Hopefully joint accounts can be set up cross-country too :heart_eyes: and with separate viewing from the personal accounts

Yeah, for people who don’t have friends or no money to go on a trip. For everyone else, meaning, for most people, it is indeed an issue as there are always common expenses. Flight, car rental, hotels, tickets, food and drinks. There are many apps for managing such stuff: A payed this, B payed that… etc. But it would be far easier if you just had a vault with attached card(s). And guess what, what is the best feature of Revolut? Good exchange rates. Which are useful exactly when you are abroad with friends or your partner.

Edit: and by the way. Not only is it useful for users, it would also increase Revolut’s customer base, just like WhatsApp’s group messaging feature increased its share dramatically because people just had to join.

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You’re just flat out wrong, I’m afraid.

I can’t name many people that want to pool money in and just spend. It doesn’t accurately split things into proportional costs.

If my meal costs 16€ and my friends only costs 8€ he doesn’t want to put 500€ in and me take up over 1/2 of the budget.

For this type of usage people would much prefer something like saving a receipt and bill splitting.

For something where you’re paying for someone else? You can split the entire bill to them or even Revolut could build a “shared tab” feature.

If you do want this kind of functionality, although I think it’s useless, there’s a UK fintech called “HyperJar” (they don’t even have 1000 users just to show you how many people want this)

I think Barclays Pingit may have this support also, but they only have users because of wristband payments - not the draw of sharing vaults with people.

You mean the stuff you pay on credit cards? :thinking:

Bill splitting is your friend. Hotel & ticket are normally booked way in advance and as such it’s much better to bill split rather than do this shared bull.

Food & drinks likely to be disproportionately split unless you bill split :slight_smile:

Me and all my friends and my partner actually all get good exchange rates

You know who gives good exchange rates?

  • TD Bank
  • TransferWise
  • Revolut
  • Starling
  • HyperJar (who offer the exact functionality you want)
  • Nationwide
  • Dozens

It’s not just Revolut who do this - in fact there’s your fintech you want (HyperJar) and you can hang out with the other 5 users (incl me) :wink:

People don’t join financial services like they do WhatsApp, no one is that stupid.

I wasn’t talking about penny pinchers either. If someone consistently consumes less, you just adjust for that at the funding level.

Look, if you are in one of the groups I mentioned, why comment? Hotels are often not payed in advance. But who cares, it doesn’t matter. One person books a few flights and pays with their card. It happens all the time. And if the hotel too, why is that a problem. Each person funds the vault with a few hundred bucks that would otherwise not pay interest anyway. It’s the easiest and most convenient thing to do.

They certainly do. It’s exactly what happens with Revolut.