Create joint accounts!


Are exciting things with joint accounts be announced very soon? And with soon I don’t mean in March 2020 :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Andreas,

I think it would be more cool if you can join subaccount like in Dipocket.

For example:

Every user gets to create infinit amount of sub-accounts in any currency available for holding but he can only join 1 sub-account with another partner and get a dedicated iban and debit cards for free. So it goes like this:

EUR House Grosseries/Supplies: joined with wife/partner with dedicated iban and debit cards

USD trip to USA savings Vault joined with partner

EUR main account for me only

EUR Weekend trips joined with my partner and with debit cards without iban for a small fee

EUR private expense just for me

… and so on!

This would make revolut more flexible but more complex so it has to be done in a very smart and intuitive way. So what do you think?


Starling have an awesome joint account right now. I’ve just signed up, created joint accounts with my wife. Cards are in the post. Revolut is excellent but we need to monitor our joint expenses better. I’m sure Revolut will come out with this but Starling seem to have done it very well. Setting up was very well designed.


Maybe this new feature helps :slight_smile:


Not for my goals of a joint account.
I need a joint account where all users with access to it can link cards to spend money.


I agree but I still appreciate joint savings :slight_smile:


would be great if they added the possibility of the owner granting spending permissions from a group vault - then it would be good for e.g. shared flats or as an alternative to joint accounts


Yeah, it’s off-topic. This is nothing like a joint account.