Create joint accounts!


You can log in on multiple devices!


Any update on this? Having a Revolut joint account would really benefit me and clearly other feel the same.


Yes please! This is very needed


Was just looking for this feature


I would prefer an implementation, were both have their own login and accounts for whatever currency but can share an additional account visible in two or even more login accounts.

Example: both my wife and myself have a CHF account for us alone and one additional, third, CHF account which we share.
In the app we then control from which account accessible to us we take the money with which card.


This stuff is difficult to do. Not the technical side, you could just provide an option for shared vaults, and add the possibility to link a card to a given vault. Joint vault members would order and use their own cards.

BUT: the problem are legal issues. Whose money is it? Who pays tax? How to prevent one member from spending all the money? Especially if things go sour. How to detect tax-evasion (gift transactions)? There are so many issues and laws that are different in every country. My guess is that it’s not going to happen anytime soon.


Do you really think this is more complex to implement than what any ordinary bank offers in Switzerland?

  • The owner of the money is the one who owns the Vault, and that can only be one. Equals to someone having a bank account.
  • I can give someone power of attorney on that bank account and instruct the bank to issue him a card backed by that account, that person can draw money from that account. This would equal that other Revolut user assigning one of his cards to this Vault.

If this person is my wife/minor kid, this does not have any tax implications. If this would be someone independent from myself, he uses my money and depending on what the deal between us is, this could mean it’s an income for that person which that person would need to pay taxes for. But I don’t think this needs to be handled by the bank.


Do you know how many employees Swiss banks have? How many processes are specifically tailored to Swiss law? And how big their compliance teams are?

Well, not in Switzerland. Elsewhere it could. Also, this feature would be useful for much more than married couples. As shown in this thread.


Sure you can always use stuff for unlawful purpose. But is it really the obligation of a bank to always make sure the customers behave according to the law?

Yes I know how big and inflexible Swiss Banking most of the time is. But I also know that it’s very easy to get additional cards for various people issued against a private and/or company account.
As an example, the bank is not responsible if an employee uses his business card for his private spending. It’s the company owning that account and money that is. Basically declaring this money as the income of the employee, for which he then pays income taxes.


Fantastic how would joint accounts work, one main holder and the other secondary… For example:

Me and my partner (in the future) could share one and if something happens she gets half and then her access is revoked as the main account has control?


It joint accounts aren’t available just yet is there a way to link the analytics feature for two separate accounts?

My wife and I jointed Revolut to help with our budgeting and monthly spending but this is proving difficult because the analytics feature only shows what one of us has spent. Other than putting our mobiles side by side on a table to compare I can’t see any other way to do this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

My credit card company allows an additional card holder under one account so each month we can see what’s been spent by both parties at a glance. I’d prefer to use Revolut but we may have to go back to the credit card until a work around is complete.


You’ll have to use the credit card for now I’m afraid


There’s third party software available that can link to your Revolut accounts and show analytics for two or more accounts combined.

Like this one:


… and here’s another option:


MoneyMoney also supports Revolut. Personally it is the best banking-software I have ever used. Mac only though. :sweat_smile:

I use it for other accounts.


Hahaha… How soon is “soon”?


soon™ in terms of :r: is about 2020 and beyond when we see all the features that are coming soon :rofl:


+1 for joint accounts


Monzo and Starling both has Joint Accounts! So Revolut should definitely - it is a must-have in most households!

Starling bank is claiming on their blog their team only took 20 days to build joint accounts – from writing the code to the app store release.


Thats would be very great feature