Create joint accounts!


It is also possible that the card is rejected when it is checked and the names don’t match (but that never happened to me in Europe)


I have seen a different kind of that where it was possible to create pools and add people to pools.
All people have separate accounts but are able to spend from the pools they are added. I think that’s even better because you can have multiple pools with multiple groups.

It’s not perfect either.


+1 for joint accounts, and also for kids, but mostly joint accounts please!


Well that’s not legal, you can’t use the card with the name of someone else on it, even if it’s your wife/husband


This is not ideal because the other person won’t have an overview of the money. Only the card holder will have access to see the funds from his/her phone.


Can’t wait to have joint account feature soon! It’ll make the app that much more convenient for partners and families to better spend and budget their finances.


Another +1 for joint accounts. Sooner the better !!


It’s just another step to have to do, it would be much simpler to have a shared account :slight_smile:


+1 for joint account, it would be really useful to share with my wife


+1 for joint accounts please!


and the Revolut T&C’s explicitly forbid this.

" Please also note that the spare card should be used exclusively by the account holder . If you would like a card for someone else, they can simply create their own Revolut account if they are over 18 years old."

And following through on the workaround suggested by Revolut, for me, creating a separate account for my spouse defeats the object. We have joint finances so having two accounts and not being able to have all the transactions in one set of analytics doesn’t work.


+1 here too.

this would be the feature that would bring all of my and my wifes day to day spending to Revolut. Right now Revolut would only see international transactions. i.e. not that often…


I and my wife have shared a joint bank account since the 1980s.
Why can’t Revolut allow us to continue this shared financial arrangement when it comes to our holiday spending?


It is not that they don’t want you too. They just have not implemented that feature yet.


I imagine it’ll be the next feature of account kind after the child account that they’re planning on.


Monzo has joint accounts. Come on Revolut keep up🧐


Is that possible to have one card and to control the account on two smartphones ?


Only reason I won’t switch


Yes, it’d have to be in one person’s name though and you would be able to get 2 cards if you wanted (though they’d both be in one person’s name)


I created a Revolut community account just to +1 this.
I have 2 credit cards on my Revolut account just to share with my spouse, however she can’t see the balance (since the app is on my phone only). Is there any easy way she can see the balance until you release this feature?