Create joint accounts!


I would love also a joint account, but not connected to my main account.but maybe create additional account, like a vault,. YOu could either select to which subaccount the card is connected at the moment( like main account, or joing account…) or have an additional card assigned to the joint account, along the main revolut card…

Also adding more features like this to premium and maybe lowering the premium , more people would be paying for a premium…


those features are coming with platinum tier i guess!


Hi to all! Yes, joint accounts are really wanted and expected by users. Any new about it?? Thank you!!!


Yes please! Can we get an update when we may see joint accounts?


I’m also keen. Is there any update on the joint accounts?


Would be great! Its the one thing keeping me from depositing all my funds in Revolut


If adding a comment to show more popularity for this feature, I’m doing it. It would be ideal if we could use Revolut as our joint account instead of filling in more paper work for legacy banks in Ireland.


+1 for a joint account!


I’d like to be able to have a joint account as well as individual accounts. I’m thinking of two individual accounts where we can agree to create a “shared account” with shared vaults, etc. that we can both access and use. Would need to allow for Direct Debits and a physical card for the shared account with two different names on the card. Ideally also Virtual Cards.


I would welcome the option of joint accounts as well please.


Agreed. Joint accounts would be great!


Joint accounts were supposed to be introduced with Revolut Metal


Competitors already offer joint accounts. This is a fundamental requirement that is way more important than a metal card and “perks”.


Joint accounts would be useful, but so would just being able to issue cards to wife or kids.


Also waiting for this feature, please guys :wink: !!


This sounds interesting


Any updates about this? I’m interested to share the account with my wife


Would be brilliant to have joint accounts asap. Let’s hope this is on the road map !


Joint accounts would be great. Any updates on this feature?


It is possible to have two cards for a single Revolut account. In that case you can give the spare card to your wife.