Create joint accounts!

There’s a different solution for that…

Me neither but that is because in France, it is essential to have a FR IBAN (in spite what the EU say about IBAN discrimination being illegal) for the utilities. The main ones will just not accept other than a FR IBAN - EDF & Orange of particular note.

This is my top feature request too! Please add this so I can share one account with my wife, both with our own cards but one account, one set of vaults/analytics etc

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I think what you did here was your Vault or whatever you call it buit that just isn’t good enough.

Your accounting for people that keep there finaces seperate but not for people that operate as a single entity.

Me and my wife operate our taxes, finances, properties, etc. as a single entity. This greatly simplifies a lot of things and greatly improves a lot … for example if one of us is disabled there is no issue as there is one account that both members own, all contracts, bills, etc. are in both names.

As a real world example my wife got sick and was in ICU for just under a month, unable to handle afairs for months. If our accounts, utiliteis, etc. where seperate there would have been a big problem. I would have had to take legal actions to get temporary control to operate things. In actuality because we operate as a single entity and everything is in both our names there was no issue at all everything continued to operate as normal and I was able to handle all business.

I get that more and more people dont operate that why but why is it that Revolut hinders those that do?

We need a joint account where we both own the account, no half measure will due.

The lack of this feature is the only thing stopping me from using Revolut daily. Right now it sits in a drawer gathering dust as ther is no way around my need of join account.

Please implement this


Hi @jmrodriguez84 welcome to the community
Your plea here will fall on deaf ears, sadly.
I don’t know your use base for :r: but we resolve this by having two accounts, one each for husband and wife and it works well. The monthly limit (on the free account) for currency exchange is effectively doubled - 1000€ each :wink:


Great idea! Any updates about this?

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Because you can make a vault and invite your wife to contribute to it, and each of you own what you put inside it…

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