Create joint accounts!

Isn’t Monese also supporting joint accounts?

I was literally talking to my wife this morning and we agreed that this and a lack of overdrafts are the essential reasons for not using Revolut as our primaries.

It’s sad because I love the whole suite of options available.

Prospective joint accounts should also bring with them joint premium + metal subscriptions. This was there can be insurance cover that would apply jointly. If this happened, my wife and I would immediately switch.

Hey there, any news about this one?
This would be an amazing feature! I would use it all the time with my room mates and my family.
Please implement this feature :blue_heart:

For room mates and family you should be able to make group vaults. Joint accounts are for life partners etc or people that are fine having their financial history linked together

It’s a big step to take - make sure you understand all implications

Hi, groups vaults are really nice and useful. But it’s not what I need.
Joint accounts would be of course a totally different feature.
Hoping it will be implemented. :+1:


My impression is that the group vaults are mostly useless for families managing their finance usimg a joint account.

That is because they would use the joint account to manage their expenses, bugeting inside it. Moving personal expenses to the joined account occasionally, making expenses directly from it, like utility bills (direct debits) or having cards directly linked to the joint.

At this moment I am using MoneyHub to do this and lack of this feature in Revolut make me question if it really worth. AFAIK, revolut is perfect for single people! or at least families that have a single person doing all the finance, alone.


Hello So Did you ever find out if you could get a joint account with Revolut? It’s 2 years since you posted the idea so I’m hoping the answer is yes! Thanks, David

Are the comparisons in this thread citing other banks’ products fair?
:r: meets a particular demand and I’m not at all sure that the others match up in international terms in the same way.
I accept the point that there may be difficulties between different fiscal arrangements in different countries which prevents an apparent easily reached solution.

Anyone from Revolut that can give some feedback about this feature to be done or not??
It’s been more than two years since this post was submitted… :sweat:
some feedback would be appreciated…


It’s planned and probably being worked on, pretty much is all we know

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Also waiting for an update on this… the best way would be to link a specific card with a particular shared vault, this would allow for the best management of the shared account !
It would make everything soooo much easier for couples and shared living in general to have this possibility !!!


a very good idea to work around to have a joint account

Would be great if accounts with supported local details could have vaults linked to direct debits too


To join Revolut, joint accounts it’s a must. In our family, all the income sources are under the same account. It’s helping us to better manage our budget.


For us there is no ‘work around’ that would be appropreate the main account for our household must be joint in the litteral since e.g. must be ‘owned’ by both partners where either partner has full control over the account and the funds in it.

Till this is a thing we cant even consider Revolut … which is a shame other than this limitation it looks like a good solution for our needs.


Please please please make a proper joint account

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I was personally waiting for the joint account but now that they introduced the “group split bill” I don’t feel the need anymore :wink: it’s so simple: I have created a split group called Family and for all the common expenses we add things there. There is the “smart settle up” function so you don’t have to worry anymore.

+1 on this feature. Whether it’s shared accounts, or being able to get several cards for your partner under the same account to be able to share the balance, spending and budgets.

My wife and I want to have a common picture of our spending. One week I might do more grocery shopping than her, another week it might be the opposite… We want to keep track of our spending together. Budgeting, as it is today, is kinda pointless unless you’re on your own. There’s no point in setting up a budget for groceries if your significant other is also spending outside of Revolut.

Any news on whether this is something being looked at? I’d basicaly want a “Junior” card for my wife with no limits: shared transaction history, shared budgets, access for her… Same as with any Amex card, that you can order an extra card for someone else and it goes into the same statement.

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This is the most wanted feature by most of us.


My wife and I both have our salary paid into a joint account. All bills, groceries, household purchases are made from our joint account.

We each have a personal revolut account and transfer a small amount each month to spend as we wish on ourselves.

Until revolut can offer joint accounts I can’t see us using their services for anything more than we currently do.

I would be more happy to upgrade my account if you could offer joint accounts. Revolut’s UI is so far ahead of our current banking provider. It’s a shame we can’t take advantage of it.