Create joint accounts!

I think you will have to wait a little bit more.

My partner and I need this feature to fully move over to Revolut. Shared vaults is nice but doesn’t solve this problem, we want to be able to set up direct debits, pay common costs from a single fund etc and the shared vaults doesn’t allow that.


Is there an official status from Revolut yet regarding joint accounts? Is it in the pipeline or very unlikely?
This would be necessary for me to fully move to Revolut with my partner, which I would love to do!

Best source for this is Twitter. If you check their responses to this there, they tell you that they are working on it, no ETA.

If you follow that, they are working on all features :rofl:

No. There are subtle differences. They are working on dark mode, joint accounts. They aren’t working on making crypto wallets accessible from outside. “Looking into it” or “that’s an interesting idea, we’re forwarding it to the relevant team” or “we’re always aiming to deliver a better product so watch this space for announcements” is different to this.

I would say


are more committed statements.

Having said this, roadmaps can of course change, and things can be deleted from them.

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Dear Andreas, I don´t how else to ask, so here: I should verify may permit to stay in Germany in addition to already sent documents. The app writes me I shall send the documents, but the camera is not working, nor I can find the channel where to send the docs to. Thank you, Jan.

I really hope that the joint account is coming soon :ok_hand:t2:

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When are joint accounts coming? This has been in the back burner for ever.

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Hello andreask, im having a problem. Can u contact me somehow? I dont k ow how to ise this forum … please, i need a little help

Joint accounts sound good. However I have no clue how it can work in practice. I do not want to share all Revolut services. How could it work if I wanted to keep my Revolut services, cryptocurrencies… as private, just for myself and if I shared “just” a joint account in our local currency with both of us? I do not think I would use two separate Revolut apps on my phone… Does anybody know?

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When will joint accounts be available?
My brother and his wife will join Revolut, but only as soon as joint accounts are available.

Don’t hold high hopes on this one.
AFAIK, no challenger bank is currently able to offer this joint account service. Not sure about the complication providing with this feature.

Challenger banks in the EU with shared accounts:
– Starling
– Bunq
– Monzo

In the US:
– Simple

There are more, I am sure. Those are just the ones that come to mind immediately.

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I never used Simple. The popular ones in US - Chime and Varo still don’t offer joint accounts.

Isn’t Monese also supporting joint accounts?

I was literally talking to my wife this morning and we agreed that this and a lack of overdrafts are the essential reasons for not using Revolut as our primaries.

It’s sad because I love the whole suite of options available.

Prospective joint accounts should also bring with them joint premium + metal subscriptions. This was there can be insurance cover that would apply jointly. If this happened, my wife and I would immediately switch.

Hey there, any news about this one?
This would be an amazing feature! I would use it all the time with my room mates and my family.
Please implement this feature :blue_heart:

For room mates and family you should be able to make group vaults. Joint accounts are for life partners etc or people that are fine having their financial history linked together

It’s a big step to take - make sure you understand all implications