Create joint accounts!


Can you make it possible to have a joint account? Two people, two cards, but one login on the app. thanks!


Not just one login but also one monetary account. So that if I top-up on my mobile the funds are also available on my wife’s card/mobile.

That would be awesome. Much better than topping up myself and then having to send her funds.


But still. Why would you want to share the limits too when having another account for the another person for free :grimacing:


Because the other person does not own a credit/debit card; only the Revolut card.


Transfers within revolut are free and instant :slight_smile:

The other person which has a R account can request from contacts the other one for money, it takes 3s to request and 2 to send :slight_smile:


We’re looking into it :slight_smile: Exciting things are coming soon!


I am highly interested in a joint account as well.

Would be great to have a Revolut account that my partner and I both had debit cards to for travel budgeting and tracking. When might this be available?



This is very interesting. Me and my wife have separate accounts and would be great to join them. Obviously to keep the benefits of 2 separate accounts…


Would also love this - great for family budgeting.

A family account allowing control for kids too would be awesome. Please do this Revolut!


Any news on when these joint accounts will be available? my partner and I need a joint account now and we thought that Revolut, rather than a bank, would be best. We both have a Revolut account each but we would like to have one account shared between the 2 of us so that all shared bills go to this account. thanks.


Yes, joint account please!


@Revolut This would be fantasic, especially combined with the vault. For example if a couples finances are in the same app and you had a goal to reach a saving target you could possibly have a competitive nature included to see who saved the most that month.


Yes, agree joint accounts would be fantastic, as would multiple accounts per app/device.

At my traditional bricks-and-mortar bank I have three current accounts:

  1. My one
  2. My joint one with my wife for our household expenses
  3. Another joint one with my wife for an apartment we own and let out

Revolut could currently only replace one of these accounts (assuming I don’t want to spend £300 per year on a business account, when my bricks-and-mortar bank is charging me only £42 per year albeit for a less slick service)


Any updates about this?


I’m super interested in a joint account too. Would be perfect for myself and my partner for common purchases like food shopping etc where we like to split the costs as we keep on transferring money back and forth like there’s no tomorrow. If we could both deposit an equal lump sum that would be great.


Joint accounts would be awesome. A lot of couples would love them. But why stop there. Make them 2,3,4 or more people account so for example housemates can have a common pot for paying for broadband and such.


We use it for shopping budget so having a joint account would be great. With kids growing up, it would help there too!


I’d love a joint account as well. Any update on this?


that’s something I would defenitely love to see in Revolut!


We’re working on this as we speak. Once we have more information we will announce :satellite: