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I can not seem to count.
In the step “Where do you live?” I get the message:
"we’re sorry, something has gone wrong.

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Hi @FilipaSilva,

Make sure you’re using only English alphabet without accents on the letters.

thanks for reply

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Super :slight_smile:

Have a great day & enjoy Revolut!


Andreas K

@AndreasK Hi Andreas,

I can’t create an account in Revolut. When I’m creating my passcode there is information that’s ‘We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try again later’. What’s should I do?


Hello, I have a problem. When I try to create an account, after entering my phone number and entering the password that I want for my account, the app says “something has gone wrong. Please try again later.” What should I do?

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I’m having the same issue. Please let me know if you find a solution.

I was trying to contact Revolut, but it is impossible via normal means. App does not work due to ID identification malfunction and I can’t create threads directly here nor write PM to anyone. Please get in touch with me before 2020-02-23 for refund of my initial deposit which I made during registration. Otherwise I will be taking action and contacting my bank with refunding this transaction as company did not created adequate means to resolve emerging issues and did not showed any initiative to resolve this matter in cordial manner.

Repost from other thread:

The issue is that I can’t find contact email to do that. The only suggested way to contact was through app which I can’t access or through forum in which I can’t create a thread asking for more information. Could you please provide me an email with which I could contact someone to help me with this issue?

2020-02-18, an, 17:02 Regalia via Revolut Community rašė:

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Try this:

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I need to change the country when I create my account. I’m stuck with the UK. There is no way to do that and I do not have access to in-app support.
I’m in limbo right now.
Is there a way to either have access to support or change my country when the account is not yet fully created?
Revolut support on Facebook Messenger is just telling me to access to the in-app chat, which I can’t…

And why exactly can you not access the in-app support chat?

Have a big problem and can’t contact support via app or email.

How can I create new topic ?
Because I see it’s the only way to get support?


Help me please register

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I cant write a post in the community, Why please?

Hello Andrea, I hope you can help me. I am not able to access to the app and I don’t have any other way to reset the passwords.

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In-app support chat is not available when your account is not created yet.
If it is, it is mots definitely very well hidden.

I have made a deposit today for £1000 it showed as declined I made another deposit for £1000 showed as declined. It is birthday money for my son’s birthday tomorrow and my app shows no deposits. My actual bank account is showing that the money has left it. I am now left with a son with no birthday money. He is in the US and I am in the UK and I cannot get to chat with anyone at Revolut. It is a shambles.

I can’t seem to create an account. When I put my email address it says try again. I have tried to reinstall a few times and restart my phone, but nothing seems to work. I have never had a Revolut account before.