Create account issue - new user


Hi there,

I’m struggling to successfully create an account the past few hours. First, it seems that there was an issue with the address. Although, it was listed and selected, the address field was remaining blank. I was told to select “Forgot” enter into my account and manually select the address. I did it, and I was able to see my account, however, none of the features ever worked. I tried to contact via app chat, but my messages never sent (red exclamation mark). If I select “Account Details”, a message pops up (“We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later.”), whereas verification & limits is totally blank. Every time I log out, I have to re-do all steps from the beginning again.

(Nexus 5, Android v6.0.1)

Thanks in advance.


Hi @lainos88. I’ve been in touch via DM. :slight_smile: Please check your inbox.

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