Create a country section in app

On the Community I see some questions about different countries about which ATM is fee free for use, maybe Revolut should create a country section for when you go on holiday with some basic info.

Bunq has something similar with more info and it does help their users a lot retrieving some basic info like which ATM’s are free in use(and what the avg fee is), how much cash do you need (as some countries are not card friendly). Maybe Revolut should consider something like that too to have in one overview all the info you need when going on holiday :smiley:


Hi @Youssf :wave:

That’s actually an amazing idea :eyes: will be sure to have a dive into what’s being offered out there.

Thank you for spotting this, and sharing it with us.


A function to submit new ATM locations could also be useful.

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Thank you @revousr :heart: