COVID insurance

Given the recent COVID crisis we were thinking how we can offer our customers more protection against the crisis. The current thinking is to create an insurance policy that covers hospitalization, Intensive care, recovery, death, loss of income (due to economic impact of COVID). Question to you, is this something you will be interested?

However, I am german and my state’s system offers a lot more security than others – especially the USofA.

This insurance would be an improvised solution causing a certain chaos. Loss of income: What if I have a small shop? How could that be estimated? How about equipment I need to buy for the shop?

The call center would have to be powerful and well trained.

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Would this be across all your territories? Or just the U.K.? Employed and self employed? Would there be an age limit? Covid-19 affects the elderly disproportionately more than other age groups, both in morbidity terms and mortality rates. It would be cruel to exclude the most vulnerable.

If this were merely a publicity gimmick then frankly I would rather Revolut didn’t bother. If it were to offer meaningful cover, on the other hand…

yes the idea is to make is available to as many people as possible

The cover of the issuance need to be stepped up

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Could you guys focus on Metal considering people are already paying for that and literally all the benefits are dead rn and the insurance sucks

Stop testing customers willingness to walk away before it bites you


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