COVID 19 😭 more than 13k Portfolio - Revolut Locked Account Since 13/03/2020 due funds verification - Sharing My User Experience! [UNSOLVED]

Same situation here! Unbelievable! 400000€ blocked away, all documetation delivered. This no ‘inconvenience’ but illegal as some specialist say. I RECOMMEND YOU CONTACT THE Financial Ombudsman, all
Revolut even censores posts they don’t like, so this probably will never be published.

I have exactly the same problem. I am homeless for 3 weeks because all my savings are on Revolut. I leave on the street with more than 28 thousands € on Revolut account and they blocked it. Please someone help @AndreasK @Recchan

Dear revolut
I am in a bad situation because they locked my account because my documents are under reviewing , it’s already passed more then a week and nobody has given me an answer ,I am very frustrated because it’s my regular bank account and the situation with COVID 19 doesn’t help.
Can anyone please help with that?
I don’t understand how a bank like revolut with millions of customers doesn’t have a proper customer service .

Revolut disabled my account with no reason or explanation.

I have used Revolut for over 2 years for business purposes sending money to suppliers and receiving payments.

They are refusing to give me my transaction history, making it impossible for me to file tax returns as I do not have the information. I am a REGISTERED UK COMPANY.

Stay far away from this company. If you are in the same boat as me I suggest you contact the financial ombudsman, the FCA and trading standards


Did you have business account?

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Count me in, my colleague at PWC will be leading this also!

I am in the exact same situation I am disgusted by the service or should I say lack of. I’ve missed booking flights because they won’t release for return funds to sender. I have waited 3 days for an agent, have them for all of 5 mins then gone again. I have sent everything they need and more to verify. I’m honestly beside myself with this treatment, while all the time they are making interest in my money!!! I am reporting the to The FCA they can not withhold funds without significant contact to resolve!


Mine was blocked today and I’ve 46k euros inside my account. Seems like it’s a big problem and I was able to communicate with an agent but told me that the relevant team will get to me.

How can I reach because Revolut blocked my account and I’ve 46k euros inside my account

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Ehi man! Today the same problem. After 2 months with my account fully locked…today Revolut write me:
After reviewing your account, we’re sorry to say that we’re no longer able to offer you our services. Your account has been deactivated. Any funds remaining in your account have been sent back to their original source. Thank you for your understanding.

It’s really incredible.
They are killing me. I have lost too much money.

What about you? Did you find a solution?

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@AndreasK can you please help? 60K is locked and I cant get an answer anywhere … I NEED this money or pretty soon my business is going to go under due to Revoluts behaviour…

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HI all, im in the same situation with 60k locked. Any ideas on what we can can do to get an answer? Or are we just meant to wait months?


Same here, account locked because I was moving money from one currency to another or something. I do not want to provide personal details - a bank wouldn’t ask for checks like this.


Would be interested in talking to you, I have over 3k locked in a revolut account. My salary from my nationwide account. I shut my nationwide account the day after I transferred it out. Then when I went to transfer to my new bank account ( bank of Scotland ) My account was under review and I sent in docs, payslips banks statements you name it. And then heard nothing. I’m now in week 8. It’s been a disgrace. they don’t care.

It’s supposedly a priority… yeh yeh heard it before. Don’t want the account back I want my money back. I never want to deal with revolut again. I have raised a case with the financial ombudsman.

But I’m thinking of going to the press and taking revolut to court. I think we need to go in the masses.

Think we alll need to come together. If I was a criminal then I wouldn’t chase them every day for my money.

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I understand. And I feel heartbroken by all those similar commands that I see in this post. I would say make complain to ombudsman and hope to get your money back in a half year to a year.

Thats the best you can do for free if you have cash and want to take legal action against Revolut you can join me in lawsuit. But that will cost money.