Country Specific Releases

One again, an other feature released only for specific countries.

I mean, it looks like affiliate linking. So what’s the reason behind excluding it from the majority of countries… :sob:

It’s not like they only released it for US and UK. They mixed EEA and UK. So it’s released under both legal entities that serve their respective areas. Yet more than half of EU is not included.

I am just trying to understand how are new features being released, because at this point everything new that is announced, I’m like “ok it won’t be for the majority of countries again”.

Check the comments on the Twitter post.

People are complaining! Subscription fees are flat across the board yet some counties lack 90% of the features.


I’d say it’s most likely that Revolut just hasn’t managed to set the service up for other regions. They’re not actively excluding anyone, why would they? They most likely make money with it. They just didn’t get around to onboard more regions. I don’t believe there’s any secret logic behind this other than opportunity.

This feature isn’t new. Rewards are available in the UK for a very long time. The feature was revamped at least one time and then introduced in other regions, summer 2020 if I remember correctly. Then the pandemic hit. Revolut fired employees. And maybe just focused on other things since then. Who knows …

Revolut is probably focusing on customer numbers, not numbers of regions.


I completely get that. And it’s actually what I thought too; but it would have been nice to see a feature like this be available across the board for a change :grin::crossed_fingers:t2:


It’s not that great. You’re not missing out, in my opinion.


agreed. I didn’t use it yet, but don’t see a big feature. Instead of receiving the cash back some days later, you receive it at the moment is that it?

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Hello everyone :wave: ,

We understand how much you would love this cashback offer, but currently, it’s available only in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden.:smiley: We are launching soon across the world :earth_americas: so stay tuned. :rocket:

@tmpt, Yes, it’s instant. It’s your money. You bought it, you got it. :money_mouth_face:

SG | Community Team

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