Country ranking by user number

190k users in Greece now.


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Czech Republic now at 50,000 users.


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A PR from Revolut addressing the concerns regarding the bank license that they got last month.
Nik Storonsky states that Revolut have more than 170,000 users in Lithuania now.

Also Latvia 35000+

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Found this article which says that in Netherlands R have about 30 000 users.


Where are Denmark on the list?

Some updates from today:

550k in France (source)
175k in Lithuania (source)
170k in Romania (source)
120k in Portugal (source)
37k in Latvia (source)
12k in Estonia (source)


Thanks for update. A bit strange that only 12k in Estonia considered that Estonia presents itself as high-tech-startup country. Maybe everyone use TW there? :thinking: Or just local banks (boring)!!!

Also interesting that France have such high numbers. Surprising. Does local banks sux there? Or ppl just love to try new things? Or Revolut did have some extensive local promotion there?

340k in Poland (source)

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370 000 in Poland: (interview with Country manager)

Source for Cyprus at 15k back in September

There is half page article about Revolut in one of the largest printed media newspaper in Latvia (Latvijas Avīze) in todays issue. Journalist who wrote article says that Revolut have about 40 000 users now in Latvia.

Don’t know if we can trust him or no. There is not any sources where he got this number. Article is not an interview (with any revolut staff), but just describing what revolut is, what advantages does it have comparing to tradicional bank offers and also there is some mention about competitors of Revolut.
Latvijas Avīzes does have online portal ( but I cannot find this article there. Maybe they will add it later.

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Over 200.000 in Romania now! :slight_smile:


110000 in Switzerland

Rank Country Users
1 :uk: United Kingdom 1,300,000
2 :fr: France 550,000
3 :poland: Poland 400,000
4 :es: Spain 200,000
5 :ireland: Ireland 200,000
6 :romania: Romania 200,000
7 :greece: Greece 190,000
8 :lithuania: Lithuania 175,000
9 :portugal: Portugal 120,000
10 :switzerland: Switzerland 110,000
11 :it: Italy 100,000
12 :de: Germany 100,000
13 :hungary: Hungary 50,000
14 :austria: Austria 50,000
15 :malta: Malta 50,000
16 :czech_republic: Czech Republic 50,000
17 :latvia: Latvia 40,000
18 :belgium: Belgium 30,000
19 :netherlands: Netherlands 30,000
20 :sweden: Sweden 30,000
21 :bulgaria: Bulgaria 30,000
22 :slovenia: Slovenia 18,000
23 :norway: Norway 17,000
24 :cyprus: Cyprus 15,000
25 :estonia: Estonia 12,000
26 :finland: Finland 5,000
27 :denmark: Denmark ?
TOTAL 4,052,000
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From last data available Bulgaria has nearly 30,000 members, growing with around 100 per day.

Yep, here is some sourceновини/revolut-идва-официално-в-българия-308026.html

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175,000 in Lithuania is impressive, considering the population.

Poland: 400 000