Country ranking by user number

Shoutout to the one guy in :luxembourg: using :r:!


That would be @achraf at


This was posted today with the sad news that two traditional Portuguese banks are going to charge fees for :r: top ups.

Plus they claim :r: has now more than 400,000 users in Portugal :portugal:.

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The google-translated version of that article states the fee only applies to credit cards, which is fair enough, I guessss.

And another thing, do we even know how Revolut defines “a user”. It could be like Netflix’s viewer statistics: Just watch a Revolut ad on Facebook, and you are a Revolut user :joy::joy::joy:

In the local press, Romania seems to have topped France, and take the second place, with more than 1 million users.


200 000 users in Czechia :czech_republic:

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200k in Bulgaria:

According to latest article in well known local media (DELFI) Revolut clients in Lithuania - more than 300 000 , clients in Latvia - above 135 000.

Over 1m in PL


1M in Ireland


Its time for updating the total number of Revolut users


Yes, it is only for credit cards and they always charged. It’s simply that they were charging as cash advance in the past and now they’ve created a “quasi cash” fee that more closely reflects what a Revolut top up is. In other words, no change at all except for the name of the fee they’re charging

Also, according to a new article Portugal is now at over 500.000 and Spain at 600.000

In Czech Republic - 200 000 users.