Country of Residency CH to UAE

Can I change my country of residency from Switzerland to UAE?

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You can only change your address in-app if your new country of residence is serviced by the same Revolut entity as the one with which your account is originally registered.

What’s a Revolut entity?

A Revolut entity is a legal institution within the Revolut group authorised to provide financial services in a specific jurisdiction.

It operates under the necessary licences and regulatory frameworks to ensure compliance with local laws.

:mag: Explore the list of countries that belong to respective Revolut entities in this FAQ.

What if I need to change the address to a country serviced by a different entity?

Should your address change to a country where your existing Revolut entity does not provide services, the only option is to close your account and open a new one with the Revolut entity providing services in that country. Costs and charges may apply.

:point_right: Learn more about account closing from this FAQ.

:earth_africa: Check the list of supported countries in this FAQ.

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Veda | Community team