Country not supported


I tried opening up an account with my US phone, but country not supported.
I would like to try using a different country, but im blocked out, cannot go back to initial account set up screen. It just tells me ‘You’re on the list’.

How do I reset my account?


Uninstall and install the app. Make sure you use a non-US phone number to register.


I did that, doesn’t work. takes me back to the exact same screen.


Then I advise you to contact Revolut on Twitter or Facebook!


That’s very strange because I’m currently traveling in Asia and I’m in Philippines for 3 months so of course, I have a local number.
I was able to sign up using the local number but selected the legal address which is in Romania so, I’m able to use :r: Tho they don’t want to send the 1st card to PH so I had to order it to Romania and then to PH.

Also, check this topic about U.S.

It’s a bit strange that isn’t allowing you to sign up…


Hi there. Did you manage to get in touch with our Social Media support?


Yes talking to them on Facebook thank you