Country mark of iban and bic is different

Hi. today I’ve tried to load some money from my german bank account to my revolut eur account, but as i tried to send the money via normal Sepa transfer an error occurs like “Country mark of iban and bic is different”.

Does someone faced something like that?


Yes, why not try a search in this forum? You’ll find that this is discussed here a lot. Like here:

and here:

yes, I found it indeed first after I post my topic.

So I suppose that your answer in the first topic is still usable also for eur accounts?
I mean this one

“Before Revolut introduced the new personal IBAN, they used a generic IBAN: Every customer transferred money to that same account, and a “reference code” was used to allocate the money to a customer’s card. This bank account still works and could be used for top ups. Put in the reference code as the only text for the transfer.”

Thanks @Frank

Yes, this method still works. Be sure to put in the reference code. :slight_smile: