Counterparty endpoint updates

Hi community :wave:,

We are excited to announce some improvements in our Business API. We have been working on the counterparty endpoint in order to allow searching and filtering results.

Previously the endpoint returned the full list of counterparties, but as your accounts grew, this list got increasingly larger and retrieving the full list was less convenient.

You can now filter the results by name and account number and we have also introduced pagination. Best of all, we have implemented those changes ensuring backward compatibility. :rocket:

Head to our tutorials section to get more information or check it out directly in the API reference. You can also get an overview of our API payouts here.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Hi, sorry for replying to this thread but I can’t add a new topic.

I have a question regarding Revolut Business API. We would like to make payouts to our customers but when creating a counterparty with the customers phone number, it is necessary for us to be sure that this number truly belongs to him/her.

After reading the documentation and the community threads, I was unable to find any information whether it is possible to achieve this via the API.

Can you help? Is this possible?

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Hi @drago, welcome to the community! :wave:

Thanks for the feedback, we will look into making it clearer in the documentation.

When creating a counterparty with a phone number, you need to make sure it is correct and that it is the number they have on their Revolut account. Otherwise, if you accidentally provide a phone number of another Revolut user, any funds sent to this counterparty will be sent to the incorrect user.

Let me know if that clears your doubts.

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Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

What I am asking is, if there is a way to validate that this customer is indeed the customer we expect him to be, via the API.

Take this scenario for example:

  • A customer is providing us with a number, but accedently types it wrong.
  • We create a counterparty with this number, and send him money, but the money goes to someone else.

What we want is to somehow validate the number and check that the user data that we have for this customer is the same in his/her Revolut account. For example names, personal identification number, etc.

Something like POST to /counterparty/validate with a body

  "phone": "+8888888...",
  "names": "John Smith",
  "pin": "0000000...."

And the response can be something like 200 if its ok, or 400 if data does not match.

Another example is if you return some data for this user and we validate it in our system, but I guess that a GDPR issue can arise here :slight_smile:

These are just simple examples, just so you get the point. I know there are probably 100x better ways to do this :slight_smile: .

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Hi @drago,
I am afraid it is not currently possible, but we will take your suggestion in consideration and update on the community if we release an update for it. :slightly_smiling_face: