Counterparties management feature requests...

Feature requests

1 - Can we have an optional ‘description’ field in the counterparty record? If we have a counterparty that has more than one account then we have to disambiguate with descriptions in the name, which is not really correct, like “Company Ltd (Euro account)”. It would be better if the bit in the brackets was in a description rather than the title. Make sense?

2 - Also I’d like to be able to edit a counterparty once I’ve created it. Just in case I get some details wrong. You can send me through another SMS to confirm if you wish.

Cheers Daniel

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I see this is an old post but I can’t find my question or similar anywhere else!

I’d like the ability to add an email address to a counterparty so when I make a payment I don’t have to re-enter their email each time for them to get a notification.