Couldn't top up, now cannot log into the app


I unsuccessfully tried to top up my account three times half an hour ago because, after confirming the top-up with the 3DSecure feature on behalf of my bank, a message from Revolut would tell me that it “cannot be authorised”. So I tried reinstalling the app but now I cannot even log into Revolut; I enter my phone number and a message pops up saying “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”.

What is happening?

Thank you for help.


some of us felt the second problem, but its okay now. dont know whats wrong with the top-up …


Yes, I can log in and talk to the support chat. However, I am still not able to top up regardless of the amount.

EDIT: I’ve just topped my account successfully. There must’ve been some problems on Revolut’s side as I saw a message stating just that.


Hey guys.

Thank you for your feedback. Are you still experiencing this issue?


I am not. I did everything I wanted to do with Revolut yesterday.