Couldn't pay in while travelling in some countries



I had a travel in Europe/Balkans and had some issues paying there.
In EURO currency countries - everything OK.
In EU countries - everything OK
In Macedonia (FYROM) couldn’t pay for highway tolls (declined)
In Moldova couldnt pay on the border (declined) but ATM worked
(Location security disabled)

And if you would look at my card history, you would find some more declined payments.
(I’m an IT guy, so I know you can see everything you want, you have my blessing to do that:)

Keep up with the good work, so far I like Revolut


Hi @marius123

Thank you for letting us know your experience. Do you know the reason why it has been declined in Macedonia? Have you tried to contact our support team so we can investigate it?


No, not really, mostly those things happened at the time your office was not working. (I know thats not related)

Just checked my Revolut history, in Moldova, even big brand gas station was not working.

Once I have seen in the Revolut history after decline, that the decline was for Withdrawal, but i tried to pay by card. So maybe some card readers send bad signals or something ?