Couldn't add a new beneficiary and then couldn't send any money!


what’s going on with the app?
I was trying to add a new beneficiary, added all details and the app didn’t react to pressing on the button continue. Then i got blocked!
Then I received a code on my phone to unblock it.
Then I managed to save the beneficiary and tried to send some money to him, however, took about 3 minutes before button Send became active. Clicked on it. Then got an error message “The request timed out”. Tried sending once more and the same issue.
I am shocked! What happened? Did I manage to send money? Or Now?
Is it normal for this app to act like this? I am quite new with it and completely disappointed now.


Hey @vivatmaria :slight_smile:

The app was experiencing some technical trouble today, which is likely the cause for your issues :wink:

Give it another chance some other day and you’ll be pleased