Costs for CHF account


Spend abroad without fees
Swiss residents can order a contactless Revolut card now to make free purchases and withdrawals in over 120 currencies. When you use your card, we’ll automatically convert your balance into the local currency at the real exchange rate.

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I only see free UK and EUR accounts.

Does this mean, sending you CHF money on a UK and EUR account, for which a FX is made, from there a EUR to CHF in a local swiss shop, where once again an FX is made.
Is it like this? When yes, this does not make sense.

Do you offer a CHF account, how much do they cost?

Hi xesades

Revolut offers a base-account with CHF for free (at least I don’t have to pay anything for it :wink: Card costs shipping-fees only…

Of course, you can open other currency-accounts; for the euro-account, you’ll get your own IBAN.

Downpart for the CHF-account: Top-Up can be very costly. Unfortunatly, you’ll have to use SWIFT (or your already existing card - pls. check SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods for infos on how much a top-up method will cost with which card; there are cards that don’t cause fee).

It is possible to top up via EUR/SEPA, but then, as you mentioned, there will be the loss at the currency-exchange CHF->EUR…