Cost of bank transfer depending on residence


Can someone confirm that the cost of a bank transfer depends on your residence status?

Someone from support was trying to convince me that a bank transfer from Revolut to a bank only goes the local route if your account is registered in that country, otherwise it will go via SWIFT.



Can you be more specific? I can see this being the case in countries where users only have access to local account details when they are residents in that specific country. But not otherwise in situations where GBP account details are available to most customers with EUR as a base currency, for example.



I don’t know what the complete infrastructure is like at :r:
but from experiences it depends on whether the currency cloud offers a local account to payout money (e.g. in Poland the transfers are local no matter if you are a resident or not, whereas they are not for CHF in Switzerland)

GBP and EUR might be treated special.



If it’s routed via currencycloud, residency of a customer should not matter.