Cost of a new card


I see we can now request a new card. Having one of the original cards I am keen to get a contactless version but I am faced with a £5 charge, which is ok but then there is an additional £5 for delivery.

In my opinion £10 is an absurd amount to charge your users. Monzo are up front and let you know it actually costs them £3 to send a card and still don’t pass this cost on to the user, so is this actually an additional profit margin?

I’m simply trying to use the service more frequently and I tend only to use Apple Pay with other services/cards so I would have thought you might want to encourage us to do so by sending out new cards, something Monzo will be doing in the new year when they start their current account service.


Hey there,

As I can see in the FAQ:

A replacement card will cost £5 plus delivery.

Plus, in the section “are there any charges?” I can see:

Revolut MasterCard — Standard Delivery £5/€7.

So the total price is written in the FAQ.

However, 10GBP is not a very high price for a new card. In fact, Revolut send a free card after the current one is expired. As in France, the price for a new card (lost, destruction etc) is the same as the cotisation price ; which is at least 40EUR for the most classic card + 16EUR for opposition.

Considering this, 10GBP is ok to me to pay for a card before it’s renewal date.

But I clearly agree that it would be super great from Revolut to send new contactless cards to old customers with their new MasterCard Principle License… for free? :smiley:



[quote=“julien, post:2, topic:3646”]
In fact, Revolut send a free card after the current one is expired.[/quote]

3 years is a terribly long time for a card to be used online and traveling in many countries.
the risk of it being compromised i huge , and when that happens you are supporting that cost.

having shorter lived cards, would indeed be nice from @revolut , benefiting us from the that free renewal


Yeah, I totally agree that it’s a long time… and maybe Revolut should shorten that time as long as they’re growing! :smiley:


@julien - The rip-off charges by French banks are not a good example to follow. Their charges bear little relation to cost. For example they charge for debit cards (whose transactions generate merchant-funded revenue for the banks) yet they don’t charge for cheques (whose transactions generate a cost for the banks). They even charge to change the PIN! French banks have the most illogical charges in Europe. If a British bank charged the same fees as French banks, they would quickly go out of business; British consumers wouldn’t put up with it. The concept of paying for a plastic bank card is culturally unacceptable to British consumers, hence the opposition in these forums.


Thanks for your feedback, that’s really interesting to me to see the differences on banking between two countries. Here, that’s the opposite.

When I said to somebody I got a free card from Revolut they told me: “You think all is free? You want all for free but a bank can’t be free, you’re not paying your banker you little *$!(!”. Yeah… :confused:

I totally agree with you that French banks are illogical and there charges are super high. In fact, I try to change bank every year to pay less beau case 8e/mo + 40e/y just for a simple DEBIT card and a CURRENT account without any overdraft or anything cost me a lot.

So now, I understand why that’s a problem to you… even if for me it’s nearly free! :wink:

Hope @Revolut will be able to do something to replace the old great customers’ cards with the all new ones. :smiley:




Now, the new cards are valid for 5 years … even longer.