Cost for physical card - DELIVERY too expensive

Hi there,

Recently joined Revolut - via Mobile App and therefore have a Virtual Card.

Decided that I wanted a physical card - only £5 but have discovered that is not really true.

The options my app showed me were £5 for a Standard Card but DELIVERY only by Express at £27 extra …
or ‘FREE’ delivery if signing up to Premium at £6.99 per month which is not what I need at this moment.
Is there no other way to receive this £5 card delivery free?


Same here. fAQ States :|-

Delivery UK: Up to nine business days. (£5)

Very misleading and not proceeding at the moment until resolved, or sounds like trading standards need to get involved.

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Hey there @PaulP1 and @Cbear :slight_smile:

That’s absolutely not the behaviour I know from :r: :frowning:
There were usually three options:

  • Expensive fast shipment
  • Free fast shipment with Premium
  • Normal, cheap shipment.

I don’t know whether the last option is gone but I’d say it’s a glitch rather that a change… hopefully :smile:

Consider getting in touch with the in-app support team (More>Support and type live agent) and, if you can, share the answer you get :wink:

I’m not sure if I am understanding you correctly. Is it delivery fee or delivery free here?

Standard delivery of a physical card is always GBP 5 (if you are not on the premium plan). Issuing of the first card is free. Any additional card has an issuance fee. So when you already have a free virtual card and then add a second physical card, the total cost would be issuance fee + delivery fee.

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My new card was £5 and delivery was £5.
£10 in total.


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Thanks everybody for your replies and comments.

All sorted now - it must have been a glitch on my mobile app because for several days it didn’t offer me the option that I was looking for.

It is there now - £5 cost for the card itself and £5 delivery fee (even though I assumed that the delivery would be included in the £5 charge).

However, this is much better that the only option of £27 express delivery that my app was initially offering me.

All applied for and awaiting delivery.


As above must have been an application hitch as option for £5 delivery now there :+1:


Hey @Powie! It seems you have been charged 10£ because you already had a card linked to your account. Now, you have two cards active.


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