Cost for first physical card?

But the first physical card is free? When I ordered it, he did not ask me for money :slight_smile:

It depends on local/global incentive programs (or some referrals links e.g. from Revolut’s Ambassadors :wink:). (or maybe you’ve chosen Premium plan)

I ordered by app with standard shipping = 0 fee
I am not premium :slight_smile:

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Strange, but maybe you’re just lucky man :wink:
Have a nice using Revolut :ok_hand:

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You are lucky I guess :smiley:

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A few months ago I tried to request the card but a message told me that I had to have about 6 € on the bill to request it and so I did not order anything.
This time instead I ordered the card with 0€ fee and no money on the account :slight_smile:


the card arrived in advance but I could not change the pin

Now you can do it in some ATM’s only (almost each in PL and GB, almost none in DE)