correspondent bank details


when trying to transfer money to revolut and using the given lloyds bank swift, the transferring entity asks for correspondent bank details
can you please provide those


The app tells you

– Beneficiary
– Bank Name
– Beneficiary Address

What else are they asking for? That should be it for Swift transfers.


as i said above - it is asking for correspondent bank details. when using the swift provided it doesnt find the bank


Yes, sorry, it’s just out of the ordinary.

Just to clarify: you’re not trying to set up a SEPA IBAN transfer from a European account but an international transfer that is supposed to be sent via SWIFT (Society for Worldwide InterBank Financial Telecommunications)?


yes - thats correct Frank


Okay, you might want to try out a different Swift / BIC code then. I am not sure if that helps, though. Seems funny that a bank can’t find one of UKs biggest banks in its database.

To be honest, this sounds a little strange to me. I would ask the support.