Correct my last name (I'm Registered user)


There is an error in my last name and i’m registered (double U)
How can I correct this error? the menu is not accessible?
I contacted the ‘‘chat support’’ and they tell me to contact the support team … but where and how?




The chat support is just a chatbot. Type “live agent” to get a proper support operator.


can you tell me where I have to tap live agent? in the chat box?





ok no result for the moment


Try “resolved” and then “live agent”. That should restart it.

Otherwise -> @JessicaZ @AndreasK



it was the live chat?? no?


Well, it does say you can change your name if you havent verified your account yet. Have you verified it?

And no, that was the chatbot, not a support operator.


My acount is verified


Then you cant change it yourself. Simply follow what I wrote earlier.


Though, I am concerned that the verification went through with a misspelled name … @AndreasK


me to … I will wait live support …I guess they will contact me
Thank’s for your help


Did you type what I mentioned and did you get a confirmation? Otherwise it is going to be waiting for Godot.


Yes live agent are busy for the next 4 hours


Alright, Revolut’s support is not the fastest unfortunately. They will get back to you in time I hope.


Hey. Go Profile section now, and correct your name. Once you’ve corrected it please let me know.


Perfect ! All is ok ! Thank’s for your help

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